Team Jupiter Leys

We believe our Team is our greatest asset and our core strength. Across all levels, they have consistently striven in raising the benchmarks in production, quality and cutting – edge innovations on product compositions. The three distinctive attributes that distinguish Team Jupiter Leys from our competitors are our unique technology, strong customer relationships and extensive product range. It is the strategic management of each of these, that we believe has allowed us to grow at an average rate 300 percent per year and provide career opportunities for our growing fraternity of Jupiter Leys. It is this synergy of the team across all levels that speaks volumes through our products and their commitment reflects on the cost, time and delivery aspects of the business.

The Jupiter Leys business development team acts as an interface between the customer and the production and supply chain.Our endeavour is to understand and meet each and every expectation, even the once-in-a-while unreasonable ones.