Production Process

Location: Jupiter Leys’ production facility is ideally located in close proximity to various spice plantations and care has been taken to ensure that the natural resources of the area are not tampered with. The sprawling facility of Jupiter Leys is situated near the Periyar river, amidst nutmeg plantations.

Safety standards
: Our greatest priority is safety and the environment.  Our main concern is to ensure safety is maintained at all times. Our dedication and commitment to safety is evident in our Safety Observation Auditing Program, which requires all staff to make fortnightly audits on safety within the workplace. Understanding the utmost importance in food safety, great care and specific check mechanisms are in place to avoid cross contamination ,maintenance of hygienic and spotless work stations. We also ensure that all our production members undergo consistent and periodic training on best working practices, with emphasis on personal and  public hygiene.

Food safety:
The main objective of the food safety program is to keep out contamination by preventing infestation by rodents, insects and so on. Every step right from sourcing to dispatch is closely monitored for any chance of contamination from chemicals, foreign objects, etc. Frequent tests are done to maintain the grade of quality. Pest control programs are also emphasized. We have our own SOPs on non-confirming materials, colour coding for packaging, workmen dress / jewellery code and fitness for work codes.

Storage: Jupiter Leys’  commitment to maintaining high quality, modern, efficient equipment and facilities has always ensured competitive pricing and quality service. We follow international quality standards approved for storage. Jupiter Leys is equipped with a state-of-the-art warehouse with separate facilities for raw material, production and goods to be dispatched. Quality standards are maintained at all facilities. The warehouse is located at an area in close proximity to the availability of raw materials. The meticulously maintained storage facility ensures that the desirable qualities of the product are retained for a longer period of time and is capable to meet demand spikes in the World Market.

Packaging: Packaging at Jupiter Leys ensures that the products despatched to the customers retain their quality in transit. To stamp our commitment on quality, UN-approved standards for packaging are followed. High quality internationally approved material is used for packaging purposes.

We provide different packaging options to suit your needs as follows:

  • Aluminium Bottles: 1Kg, 2Kg, 5Kg and 10Kg.
  • HDPE Pails: 20Kg open top pails with pull-out pouring spout.
  • HDPE Drums: 20Kg and 25Kg.
  • HDPE Barrels: 200Kg open top and 200Kg closed top.
  • STEEL Drums: 20 Kg, 40Kg and 200Kg open top with narrow mouth.

We believe it is  important that our products are present along with the most appropriate package and across each sales channel. This commitment is being rewarded with a growing demand for our brands across all categories.