History and Tradition

The New World’s continuing love affair with overwhelming realm of spices goes back as far as 2000 BC with cinnamon and pepper. The discovery of the New World and a World Order based on trade as it exists today, owe its gratitude to man’s enduring love affair with this mystical fragrance and the exotic harmony it plays on his senses. If one were to trace the trade routes that opened man’s pioneering spirit and world trade, it all leads back to this southern peninsular region of Asia called India, and particularly to its verdant and tropical tip called the State of Kerala . Spicing up lives on this planet since the first ship set sail to an eager waiting world from Calicut, Kerala has been the world leader in spice production, enriching flavors and enlivening the senses.

Jupiter Leys based out of Kochi, Kerala is now globally one of the largest suppliers in natural spice-based products that include Oleoresins and Essential Oils, and is now at the threshold of furthuring its business vision.